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5-Truths About Root Cause Analysis (Learned from the Japanese)

root cause analysis Jul 03, 2023

When I worked in Japanese Automotive over two-decades ago, my first role was in Quality Assurance.

  • My primary responsibility was to investigate quality defects for Honda of North America,
  • Lead a team to resolve the issue and then
  • Report the entire investigation analysis to the 4-Horsemen (watch my recent Youtube Video. where I explain the 4-Horsemen)  
  • And how we would GUARANTEE that issue would never happen again.

It was a huge responsibility for a 25 year old engineer!

However, learning how to solve problems and get the the root cause from Japanese teachers, built my problem solving skills from ZERO to EXPERT in just three-years. 

I discuss the 5-Truths I learned about Root Cause Analysis in my recent YouTube video.

Spoiler alert: Working 20 hour days to solve a problem did happen! The video details what I learned plus the 1-Statement that changed my perspective on Japanese training and coaching methods.