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A little about me and this site.

Hi, I'm Chad...

I've worked in the Lean, Business Improvement and Continuous Improvement field for over two-decades. It's funny, as long as I've been in this field, it's still tricky trying to put a label on what I do everyday. I literally just typed 3-titles and sort of chuckled. It reminds me that this field is difficult to explain to folks who have never heard of Continuous Improvement or Lean.or Six Sigma. However, the knowledge gained in this field is needed by every business in every industry and those businesses that know what I do (and soon, you too 😊) know how valuable people are with this skill-set. 

I didn't plan on this career...

I must admit, I didn't plan this career path. Right after high school, I had no idea what career I wanted. So, I started working for a local manufacturing company as a spot welder. I didn't know it then, but the experience I gained there set me up for the rest of my career. Inside this little manufacturing company were many different manufacturing methods. Including: Injection molding, assembly, metal stamping, metal forming...and of course spot welding. I enjoyed the work but realized I didn't want to weld forever. I wanted to move up the ladder. I figured that a manufacturing engineering degree (associates) at the local college might help me start the climb. It did! Soon I moved into Quality Engineering then onto other companies including a Japanese automotive  company where I started my real lean journey!

I learned as much has I could from Japanese Sensei's

It was at the Japanese automotive company where I learned all about Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis. At first, I wasn't exactly thrilled at the way the Japanese coached me. They asked questions...a lot of questions. All in an attempt to get me to 'THINK' about my approach and resolution. I just wanted them to tell me what to do or give me the answer...Fast-forward 11-years and I had learned more than I ever thought possible. I had earned my Batchelor's and Master's degree and my ASQ SSBB. I decided to use the skills I had gained and try them out in Aerospace.

Always work on your skill-set, you never know what will happen...

When I joined the Aerospace company, I had no idea of the challenges that lay ahead. Perhaps the biggest challenge was being the only Continuous Improvement person on-site. This is a common occurrence I see  at many small and medium-sized sites...not companies but sites! You see, the company I worked for was a large, well known aerospace company. The site, however, was small. At small sites, often training and support is insufficient but expectations are high. I was a strong advocate for Lean during my time at the aerospace company. I taught a Lean Certification Course every month and the students that attended - loved it! Every once-in-awhile, I'd have to recruit to fill the class. I remember having conversations with young machinists earning a substantial income ($70-90K with OT). My sales pitch was "you can use the certification to boost your resume while using the skills to help the company". I'd get the same response from many of these young folks "Chad, this place isn't going anywhere - I don't need to learn Lean, Six Sigma, RCA or Kaizen"...Just a short 8-Years later, the company moved the product back overseas and shut the site down. Even Big-Brand Names don't last forever. Always take every opportunity to level-up your skill-set, you never know what will happen. The Lean Skillset can be used any industry!

Enter YouTube and This Site

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