Your Magnetic Resume/CV

Build Your Resume/CV that Attracts Hiring Managers

Everything you need build a magnetic Resume/CV is included inside this Course. Build Your Magnetic Resume and Start Landing Interviews


Stop Stressing over Your Resume/CV and 

Accelerate Your Earning Potential

I've seen hundreds of Resumes/CVs over my career. Over the last 5+ years I've helped people just like you improve their resume/CV.  With just a few small changes I've helped folks with ZERO Lean Experience - land interviews. It doesn't matter how much Lean experience you have, it doesn't matter if you're switching career paths, it doesn't even matter if you don't have any certifications. I'll show you exactly how to demonstrate the value you bring by using the correct key-words and metrics that hiring mangers love in the Continuous Improvement world

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Your Magnetic Resume/CV


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  • Know Exactly what you need to build your own Magnetic Resume that Attracts Hiring Managers
  • Learn the Fundamentals Needed on Your Resume CV now, to Start Landing Interviews Tomorrow
  • Get an Inside Look as we go over Actual Resume/CV examples and how to Improve Each One
  • Discover How to Significantly Improve your Resume/CV with Small, Powerful Changes that Work
  • Get a Simple Resume/CV Template designed to help beat the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Learn the 5-Golden Metrics all Improvement - Hiring Managers want to see
  • Learn how to connect your story to the value-metrics (this makes Hiring Managers Smile)
  • Q&A areas where you an ask questions and get help directly from me
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