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The best way to learn how to do this is to learn from someone who has already been through the process. I've built an incredible career over the last 20 years! I've made a lot of mistakes but I learned, adjusted and kept building. I want to help you skip the mistakes I made so you can go farther, faster


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2022 Plan For the Business Improvement Mastermind Membership

  • Kaizen Blueprint: Inside you'll have instant access to the Kaizen Blueprint (Download)
  • Improvement Career Blueprint:  Inside you'll have instant access to the Business Improvement Career Blueprint (Download)
  • January: DMAIC walk through
  • February: Build Your Magnetic Resume/CV
  • March: Lean and Six Sigma Certs: Do you even need them?
  • April: Problem Solving – How to Solve any problem in any industry
  • May: I’ll poll the audience and deliver Group Coaching Session via Zoom
  • June: Value Stream Maps: Everything you need to know
  • July: Ishikawa (Fishbone) – why most people use these incorrectly
  • August: Brainstorming Techniques (Affinity and Nominal Voting Techniques)
  • September: I’ll poll the audience and deliver Group Coaching Session via Zoom
  • October: Process maps and using them for maximum results
  • November: Open – Zoom Call with open line! Ask anything you want!
  • December: I take December off to plan for following year!

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Note: Schedule subject to change based on needs of members.