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These videos are incredible resources as you continue your professional journey. Designed for rapid learning and to support the RCA Master class and Kaizen-Pro system, these videos will quickly deliver tool specific learning so you can keep your skills sharp! 

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A Growing Library of Video Lessons so You Can Keep Your Skills Sharp

New Learning Videos added Monthly to support your learning journey

Ishikawa (Fishbone)

8 minutes

Discover how to use the Fishbone to guide teams from brainstorming qualitative information to actionable tasks focused on quantitative data.


15 minutes

5S is one of the most basic Lean Practices yet so many people and companies fail at 5S. This learning video will walk you through the fundamentals of 5S.


5 minutes

Building Pareto charts is one of the first steps in data stratification. In this video I break down the basics of Pareto


6 minutes

Learn how to use the A3 form to guide you through problem identification to countermeasure implementation.

Prioritization Matrix

8 minutes

Implement the countermeasures that yield the greatest benefits with the Prioritization Matrix.

Voice of Customer (VOC)

6 minutes

Discover the tools that enable you to capture Voice of the Customer.

Cascading Scorecards

9 minutes

Discover how to translate corporate wide metrics that connect each function and department, creating a cascading flow of data.

Creating Action Plans

10 minutes

Use pre-build templates to develop simple actions plans targeting top level actions in your business.

Virtual Kaizen Events

15 minutes

When covid hit, business were forced to discover new ways to continue business as usual. Learn how to continue Kaizen even when disaster strikes.

Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment)

10 minutes

Learn how to build a Hosin Kanri X-Matrix designed for organizational impact.

Spaghetti Diagram

10 minutes

Build Spaghetti Maps and get insider tips on how to clean up travel complexity and decrease the time between process steps

Swim Lane Process Maps

17 minutes

Learn how to develop Process Flow Maps into Swim Lane maps connecting Functions, Departments and People 


36 minutes

Get insight into the most utilized tools at each stage of DMAIC and why these tools matter


9 minutes

Discover how to connect Suppliers, Processes and Customers by understanding the Inputs and Outputs required to succeed

Value Stream Mapping

20 minutes

Learn how to build Value Stream Maps including the most critical elements  any VSM must include for maximum use

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Chad.

I have over 25 years of experience in Lean and Continuous Improvement in various industries including: Fortune 500 Businesses, Aerospace, Automotive and BioTech. I was taught Lean, Root Cause Analysis and Kaizen by Japanese Sensei's while working for a Subsidiary of Honda Automotive. I've used the same methods I was taught 20+ years ago to Improve Processes and Solve Problems for some of the most recognizable brands in the world! Over the course of my career, I've taught hudreds of courses including: Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses and I've delivered over 500 Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis Events. I also have an Engineering Degree and an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.



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Kaizen-Pro System

8 hours

Learn how to prepare for and lead your next Kaizen with step-by-step instructions plus daily agenda.

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RCA Masterclass

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Learn how to systematically get to the root cause of any problem with sustained countermeasures.

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Lean Library Learning Videos

15+ Learning Videos (and Growing)

Videos designed for rapid learning and meant to keep your skills sharp with new content added monthly.

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Lean and Theory of Constraints

75 minutes

Learn the fundamentals of Lean and Theory of Constraints and how to use both to improve processes that drive businesses forward.

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BONUS #1: Save Hundreds of Hours with Lean-Tool Kit

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When you purchase the Lean Accelerator, you get immediate access to 20+ Tools and Templates Saving you hundreds of hours.

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BONUS #2: Facilitation & Persuasion Tactics

45 minutes

Discover tips to facilitate team events like Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis  PLUS Persuasion tactics.

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