Lean & Theory of Constraints

Learn the fundamentals of Lean and Theory of Constraints and how to use both to improve processes that drive businesses forward.

Lean & TOC Pricing

Inside the Lean and TOC Course

Inside the Lean and TOC course you'll learn why companies love people who understand how to apply Lean

Lean Cost Models 

Discover why Lean enables businesses to increase margins while keeping customers happy

VSM & Exposing Wastes

Learn how the Value Stream Map is used to expose wastes in processes enabling prioritization of improvement activities

Lean and TOC to Improve

Combine both Lean and TOC to accelerator your career growth while helping businesses improve

What's Included in the Lean and TOC Course

  • 11+ High Quality Video Lessons
  • 75 Minutes of Succinct Learning Content
  • Understanding how Lean and TOC apply to Cost Models
  • Learn on the go with dedicated Mobile App
  • Lifetime Access to current and future updates

Lean and TOC Curriculum

Peek in side

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Chad.

I have over 25 years of experience in Lean and Continuous Improvement in various industries including: Fortune 500 Businesses, Aerospace, Automotive and BioTech. I was taught Lean, Root Cause Analysis and Kaizen by Japanese Sensei's while working for a Subsidiary of Honda Automotive. I've used the same methods I was taught 20+ years ago to Improve Processes and Solve Problems for some of the most recognizable brands in the world! Over the course of my career, I've taught hudreds of courses including: Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses and I've delivered over 500 Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis Events.

Lean & Theory of Constraints


Individual Course

  • Learn how to Define Value in a Process and Business
  • Get the basics on mapping the Value Stream and using the VSM to expose wastes
  • Understand how to use Lean and TOC to create Flow
  • Discover the power of a Pull vs Push system
  • Know why establishing a culture that is the Continuous Pursuit of Perfection is the goal of any Lean Business
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
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Lean Accelerator System


Bundled System (MOST POPULAR)

  • Learn how to deliver Kaizen Events that WIN, STEP-by-STEP ($300)
  • Lean & Theory of Constraints - maximizing impact ($100)
  • Root Cause Analysis Masterclass ($300)
  • Lean Library of Learning Videos ($300)
  • Dedicated Q&A tailored help when you need it
  • BONUS 1: Lean-Accelerator Tool Kit ($500)
  • BONUS 2: Team facilitation and persuasion tactics ($100)
  • Lifetime Access to current and future updates
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
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Kaizen-Pro System

8 hours

Learn how to prepare for and lead your next Kaizen with step-by-step instructions plus daily agenda.

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RCA Masterclass

10 Hours

Learn how to systematically get to the root cause of any problem with sustained countermeasures.

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Lean Library Learning Videos

15+ Learning Videos (and Growing)

Videos designed for rapid learning and meant to keep your skills sharp with new content added monthly.

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Lean and Theory of Constraints

75 minutes

Learn the fundamentals of Lean and Theory of Constraints and how to use both to improve processes that drive businesses forward.

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BONUS #1: Save Hundreds of Hours with Lean-Tool Kit

20+ Downloads

When you purchase the Lean Accelerator, you get immediate access to 20+ Tools and Templates Saving you hundreds of hours.

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BONUS #2: Facilitation & Persuasion Tactics

45 minutes

Discover tips to facilitate team events like Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis  PLUS Persuasion tactics.

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