The Lean Accelerator

A complete System designed for people who are ready to start and accelerate their career in Lean, Continuous Improvement and/or Business Improvement. It doesn't matter if you have ZERO experience or if you are a seasoned professional, you'll walk away with valuable skills companies want and need.



High-Quality Learning Videos, on-demand and at your finger-tips


Template downloads saving you hundreds of hours


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The Lean Career Accelerator

Everything you need to build a successful career in Continuous Improvement, Business Improvement and Lean. The Lean Career Accelerator contains all the courses and masterclasses in one system. There are two-options: 1) Purchase courses and Masterclasses Individually. 2) Purchase the Lean Career Accelerator and get everything.


What's Included

  • Root Cause Analysis Masterclass
  • Kaizen Expert Masterclass
  • The Lean, Magnetic Resume Course
  • Lean Fundamentals Course
  • Personal Dashboard with complete Library of videos, and downloads
  • Learn on the go with dedicated Mobile App
  • Lifetime Access to current and future updates

Learn More About Each Course Below

When you invest in the Lean Career Accelerator, you get access to everything below. You also have the option to purchase individual courses.

Create Value through Lean

Learn how to use Lean and Theory of Constraints to create continuous flow for any business process, adding immediate value inside this Lean-Introduction Course.

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Solve Complex Problems

Solve any problem in any industry using a proven Root Cause Analysis method taught to me by Japanese Sensei's inside this Masterclass.

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Deliver Winning Kaizen Events

Transform your next Kaizen event with step-by-step learning videos designed for rapid learning (including a simulation exercise) inside the Kaizen Expert Masterclass

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Build Your Lean Resume 

Discover how to identify your skills and position yourself as a Professional with a Lean Mindset. Learn exactly what hiring managers want to see on your resume/cv.

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Lean-Pro Membership

A growing library of learning videos designed to improve your Lean Skills so you can focus on helping your business and the businesses your work while accelerating your career.

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Hi, I'm Chad. Here's a little about me & my Lean Journey

I've been practicing Lean for almost three-decades. My Lean journey began in 1994 while working for a company that manufactured computer frames for IBM, Compaq and HP. I was continuously finding ways to improve my process. At the time, I had no idea I was practicing Lean. In 2002 I started working for a Japanese Automotive Company that manufactured the Engine Control Units for Honda Automotive.  It was here that I learned about Lean, Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis. Since then I've continued to develop my skills across various industries like: Aerospace, Automotive and Biotechnology. I've even helped Fortune 500 businesses  in office environments. The truth is, Lean can be implemented anywhere to help people improve the processes and businesses they work! I want to help you learn Lean!

Lifetime Access


Bundled Package ($3,350 Value)

  • Lean and Theory of Constraints Fundamentals Course ($100 Value)
  • The Root Cause Analysis Masterclass ($300 Value)
  •  Kaizen Expert Masterclass ($400 Value)
  • The Lean (Magnetic) Resume Course ($150 Value)
  • Lean-Pro Membership: a continuous expansion of learning videos. ($400 Value)
  • Over 20-Complete Done-for-You Templates (editable) ($1,000 Value)
  • Mobile App Download
  • Dedicated help with Q&A Sections ($1,000 Value)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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