Create Value with Lean Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing

This course teaches you the fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing giving you a strong foundation in the principles you'll use the rest of your professional career.


Topics Include

  • The 5-Principles of Lean Manufacturing
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Basic value stream mapping
  • Flow versus batch manufacturing
  • Using PDCA for the pursuit of perfection


What you'll learn

Learn the 8-Wastes present in all processes and the concept of single-piece flow versus batch manufacturing. You'll also discover basic-cost models and how Lean enables companies to increase profit margins without increasing customer costs. 


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Course Curriculum

Hi, I'm Chad. Here's a little about me & my Lean Journey

I've been practicing Lean for almost three-decades. My Lean journey began in 1994 while working for a company that manufactured computer frames for IBM, Compaq and HP. I was continuously finding ways to improve my process. At the time, I had no idea I was practicing Lean. In 2002 I started working for a Japanese Automotive Company that manufactured the Engine Control Units for Honda Automotive.  It was here that I learned about Lean, Kaizen and Root Cause Analysis. Since then I've continued to develop my skills across various industries like: Aerospace, Automotive and Biotechnology. I've even helped Fortune 500 businesses  in office environments. The truth is, Lean can be implemented anywhere to help people improve the processes and businesses they work! I want to help you learn Lean!

Lean Fundamentals


Lifetime Access

  • Learn the 5-Principles of Lean Manufacturing
  • Discover the 8-Wastes in all Processes 
  • Understand Lean Flow versus Batch Manufacturing
  • Learning how to use PDCA to continuously improve
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  • Dedicated help with Q&A after Each Module
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
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